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Friday / May 24.
HomemieducationiCare Home2 Tonometry: Towards Clinically Useful Patient-Derived Data

iCare Home2 Tonometry: Towards Clinically Useful Patient-Derived Data

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Increasingly, individuals are assuming a greater role in managing their health conditions. Patient-derived data has transformed the management of several chronic diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes, where patients measure their own blood pressure or blood sugars and share this information with their health care providers to guide medication dosage adjustments. Glaucoma, with its pressure-dependent treatment target, is in a similar category; however, until recently there has been no appropriate tool for patient-derived measurements. The iCare Home2 tonometer offers real promise as a first step into this area.

In this article Professors William Morgan, David Mackey, and Andrew Turpin illustrate some of the strengths and limitations of the system. They also show an interesting, but typical, patient dataset…Read and take test.