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Tuesday / May 21.
HomeminewsACO Therapeutic Refresher Course Returns

ACO Therapeutic Refresher Course Returns

Therapeutically endorsed optometrists are invited to attend the Australian College of Optometry’s (ACO) interactive therapeutics refresher day on 19 May.

Led by a diverse group of industry experts, the one-day course presents an invaluable opportunity for optometrists to deepen their understanding of advanced therapeutic management practices for contemporary optometry, with topics including pathology testing, managing allergies, comorbidities, navigating atropine treatment and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology for screening and management. With insights from lecturers, peer discussion, and interactive sessions, optometrists will gain practical skills to immediately enhance patient care.  

Optometrists will learn to integrate pathology testing into therapeutic practice, master EpiPen use in anaphylaxis, and explore effective strategies for managing ocular allergies. The course will equip attendees with the knowledge to navigate complexities in paediatric atropine treatment, including its discontinuation, and will explore clinical strategies for managing ocular co-morbidities. Looking to the not-so-distant future of optometry, the course will discuss the potential of AI in revolutionising eye care diagnostics and treatment decisions. 

Taking place from 9am-4pm on Sunday, 19 May at the ACO in Carlton, Melbourne, this in-person event will provide optometrists with over half of their required 10 hours of therapeutics CPD and 7.75T CPD points, including 2.75 interactive points.  

This event is sponsored by CSL Seqirus and Customised Compounding.  

The registration fee is AU$290 for ACO members and $340 for non-members. ACO  

this in-person event will provide optometrists with over half of their required 10 hours of therapeutics CPD and 7.75T CPD points, including 2.75 interactive points 

Lecture Overview 

Associate Professor Mark Roth will illustrate how optometrists can take their therapeutic practice to the next level with pathology, including how to incorporate blood testing into your overall patient management and an interactive session on diagnostic swabbing of the conjunctiva.  

As allergy rates rise among Australians, accompanied by a notable uptick in anaphylaxis-related hospitalisations, registered nurse, Kerrie Davies will educate optometrists on the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, as well as the safe and effective EpiPen use.  

When over-the-counter allergy treatments fall short, frustrations arise for both clinicians and patients. Corneal specialist and surgeon Dr Colby Hart will review immunology concepts that drive the common allergic eye diseases, with due attention paid to the important differential diagnosis for acute and chronic causes of eyelid swelling. 

Amid the rising prevalence of myopia, ACO General Manager of City Clinics, Dr Nellie Deen, will explore atropine treatment, focussing on the clinical indicators and strategies to consider when and how atropine therapy should be discontinued.  

With half of Australians estimated to have at least one chronic disease, optometrists play a crucial role in managing ocular and systemic comorbidities to preserve vision. Leading eye specialist Dr Michael Shiu will discuss the common presentations, clinical prioritisation, and effective communication strategies for optimal patient care.  

As AI technology advances, Associate Professor Peter Van Wijngaarden will explore the impact on screening and managing conditions such as diabetic retinopathy and Alzheimer’s disease and will discuss how these innovations can boost screening rates, patient involvement and treatment compliance.  

Register to Attend  

Register to attend the refresher day here or find out more information here.