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Tuesday / June 18.
HomemifashionnewsMonocoles Poised for Revival

Monocoles Poised for Revival

The Monocle is set to make a comeback.

After an unexpected spate of requests Vision Express in the UK claims it will start selling single eyeglasses early this year.

Initially the monocles will go on sale in central London, but if the lenses are a success, the retailer will start rolling them out through the country. The optical retailer believes most of the requests have come from young men who think the fashion of their grandfathers is set for a revival.The eyepieces cost approx. AUD$100 and come with a metal frame, a pouch and a string (I guess that’s so the wearer doesn’t lose it).

Bryan Magrath, the chief executive of Vision Express, said: “To our surprise we’ve had dozens of requests from customers in the last few months, so we thought we’d bring back the monocle on a trial basis. We’re as puzzled as anyone by the interest, but we’re a responsive retailer and we are delivering. I guess it’s one of those inexplicable fashion things.”

Mr. Magrath said: “We’ve read about the return of the tie to the modern wardrobe as men dress to impress again. I’m not convinced that a monocle is going to clinch the deal at a job interview, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t a conversation starter.”
Combined with a morning coat and top-hat the monocle completed the costume of the stereotypical 1890s capitalist.

As we leave the noughties behind us and with it, hopefully the GFC, we can’t imagine the relaunched monocle will receive the same favour as its predecessor.