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Monday / July 15.
HomeminewsNew Device Relieves Visual Stress

New Device Relieves Visual Stress

A device called the Mark 3 Intuitive Colorimeter has been launched in Australia following its success in trials in the U.K in relieving visual stress. In lectures organised by the University of New South Wales and Melbourne’s Australian College of Optometry, Professor Stephen Dain presented the key lecture on Visual Stress on behalf of leading U.K researcher, Professor Arnold Wilkins. The presentation explained the underlying causes of visual stress, the photosensitive condition often present in thousands of individuals who struggle to read.

Professor Wilkins designed the Intuitive Colorimeter to accurately prescribe precision tinted lenses to relieve the symptoms of visual stress. More than 500 community optometrists, universities and hospital vision clinics use Colorimetry in the U.K. and there are a growing number now in practice throughout Australasia.

Research conducted over the past fifteen years in the U.K., has shown that accurately prescribed, precision tinted lenses may improve reading speed and accuracy in some individuals. Other studies have demonstrated precision tinted lenses have reduced symptoms in photosensitive migraine sufferers. In recent times the instrument has been used successfully in the U.S. in the treatment of individuals suffering closed head injury and brain trauma following accidents or explosions.

The studies have also revealed that our modern living environment has many factors that may also contribute to visual stress. These include fluorescent lighting, striped patterns and poorly designed text. Professor Wilkins’ investigation into the causes of visual stress has demonstrated that in some individuals, the visual centres of the brain become over stimulated. Precision tinted lenses relieve the symptoms by reducing the amount of stimulation. However, the exact mechanisms are yet to be fully understood.