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Tuesday / July 16.
HomemifashionnewsOakley ‘Rolling O Lab’ Visits Australia

Oakley ‘Rolling O Lab’ Visits Australia

Already a success in America and Europe, Oakley’s “Rolling O Lab” tour made its way to Australia in February. The “O Lab” is a self-contained 40-foot trailer providing a walk-through look at how Oakley lenses are made.

The O Lab tour aims to demonstrate that Oakley eyewear not only offers protection from the sun, but also protects the eye from any kind of potential damage via contact.

There are four different tests conducted at the “lab”, including the ‘high velocity’ test which very impressively displays the resilience of Oakley glasses by shooting a steel pellet at the lenses at 160km/h! Another impressive test is the 500g steel spike which is dropped onto the lenses to demonstrate Oakley lenses’ high impact resilience.

The ‘target test’ demonstrates how glasses perform when viewing an image from far away. According the O Lab results, glasses which use CR39, the most popular lens material in the sunglass world, do not display images as clearly from a distance which can contribute to astigmatism. Oakley lenses are made from a polycarbonate developed specifically for them called ‘plutonite’ which passes the long distance test with flying colours.

A fun fact we learnt is that the U.S. Military has all of their goggles and glasses made by Oakley because the lenses are all 12-gage shotgun-proof. Whilst customers cannot purchase shotgun-proof glasses in a store, all of the Oakley eyewear available to customers is of the exact same quality as the glasses Oakley makes for the U.S. law enforcement… Bring on the pepper spray!