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Monday / April 15.
HomeminewsKids Designing Glasses

Kids Designing Glasses

A very impressive initiative has been taken by the Mexican government to improve the eyesight of school aged children and it’s one from which Australia can take a lesson.

Called ‘See Better to Learn Better’, this program is a collaboration between the non-profit Ver Bien and Yves Béhar ‘fuseproject’ and has led to the creation of a collection of eyewear specifically designed for students. The children receiving these glasses need frames that are durable, ergonomic and have key customisation elements like shape and colour that make wearing the glasses more fun and personal.

The project’s aim was to design products that were suited to children’s specific needs, lives and environments. The aim of ‘See Better to Learn Better’ is to provide a solution to children in families that cannot afford the high cost of an eye exam and eyewear. The program gives children in Mexico a free eye exam at their school and if eye correction is required, the students can choose their own frames. The prescription and desired frames are produced by Mexican company Augen and then delivered to the schools.

The ‘See Better to Learn Better’ project has created two-part frames that are fully customisable with top and bottom colours that can be mixed and matched to fit all children’s personal choices. There are seven different colours, five shapes and three sizes from which to choose and the interchangeable nose pads let children with small noses wear the glasses comfortably. Through the use of the two part construction, these glasses can be swapped and adjusted in order to update prescriptions.