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Saturday / June 22.
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Moving From Work Comfort Zones

Habits are easy to get into but very hard to get out of. Enormous numbers of managers and sales people have chosen work habits that restrict their business performance… and therefore the quality and enjoyment of their life out of business too.

To be comfortable in life, get out of your comfort zones in business! By forming good business habits you will be able to improve the overall quality of your life.

Comprehending Business Success

Comprehending business success means the constant need to learn about what causes organisations and individuals to achieve success in sales, management, marketing, etc. For most sales people and managers, the learning challenge is faced very few times each year, possibly via an annual conference and formal training sessions ‘now and then’.

While staff meetings may occur more often, they rarely offer insights into success; instead they usually focus on performance to budget, problems, product knowledge, etc. This is a form of mental starvation, whereas the most successful people in business become involved in a dietary form of learning, through books and other forms of study.

The best kind of educational development addresses generic and specific paths to business success, referring to high-level philosophy on the one hand and winning case studies on the other.

The best kind of educational development addresses generic and specific paths to business success, referring to high-level philosophy on the one hand and winning case studies on the other. In my own case, I used to read the books of Peter Drucker and Harold Geneen, as well as finding and experiencing the best speakers on management and sales. These days I write 50 essays each year… which is a very serious form of reverse learning, in the sense that ‘having to write’ forces me into research on virtually a daily basis!

Every time I attend a meeting or fall into informal discussion with anyone in business, I find myself making notes about potential new articles, and no matter what readers may gain from my articles, I acquire valuable knowledge and renewed motivation with every written work. This output also helps me to improve all aspects of my work! This is the first habit because the knowledge and motivation gained ignites the will to work and win.

Committing to Business Success

When we understand the paths to success, we naturally want to move in that direction, and so as we plan to go on a holiday first and then determine the best way to get there – so must we plan to ‘move forward towards success’ before learning how to reach our goals?

As stated, I have a commitment to write an article every week (for my data base), come what may, and so each week I have to buckle down to the new writing task. Without this firm commitment I would perhaps write ‘when time permits’, or when ‘I feel like writing’, and both approaches would fail… and then so would my business, followed by a slide in my personal lifestyle.

My advice is to make a promise to engage in some form of positive, new business-building action every week or month, perhaps using ‘focus five’, a plan involving five customers with whom you plan to ‘create success’. When you commit to action, you learn to get the best out of yourself, which is why the obligation must take place every week or month.

Creating Business Success

It is not possible for anyone to succeed in sales or management if they do not clearly understand how success is achieved. Without a commitment to take action to create success, the only hope anyone has of consistent and growing achievement is – hope.

The best way to achieve success is to sell success, which equals a result that is much better than what the customer enjoys now. Most businesses sell products, not improved results, and so the market is wide open for you to succeed, providing that you sell progress first and then products. However, to do this you must start by respecting what customers do now, and then show a better solution for the future, which is where they will spend the rest of their lives. In other words, you must be perceived as ‘an improver’, not ‘an intruder’.

With these three positive habits you can construct both strength and reputation in business, which in turn will provide the opportunity for an enjoyable and very comfortable life for you and your family.

John Lees is a speaker, trainer and consultant, specialising in sales & marketing, and he is the author of 11 books on business development. See the range of John Lees services and books, CDs and DVDs at W: www.johnlees.com.au.