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Monday / July 22.
HomeminewsCarl Zeiss Vision Unveils Aussie lab

Carl Zeiss Vision Unveils Aussie lab

Carl Zeiss Vision’s new world class Rx laboratory has been completed in Adelaide with cutting edge robotic technology.

According to says General Manager Tony Gray, the new Carl Zeiss Vision facility sees Australia performing on the global scale in the optical industry with investments of more than AUD$4 million in the Australian laboratory, incorporating the world’s finest state-of-the art machinery including laser engraving instruments and the most advanced customised lens surfacing and coating equipment capable of producing over a 1,200 lenses a day.

“In recent months, a revolutionary new lens edger has been introduced. Not only does this new machine significantly increase our production capability for lens finishing but also dramatically increases our ability to fit complex lenses into intricately shaped frames previously impossible to fit including high wrap, three-piece and nylon. Carl Zeiss Vision can accommodate a broad range of prescriptions into all the latest styles, designer brands,” says Mr. Gray.

“The new conveyor systems have moved our manufacturing process to an innovative single piece flow rather than allowing jobs to progress in batches, as is the traditional manufacturing system. The streamlining of our manufacturing process has made major improvements to the consistency of our service to customers.

“Likewise, dedicated improvement teams are constantly monitoring all internal systems to ensure the highest levels of precision, accuracy and efficiency for our customers,” stated Operations Manager Angela Standing.

There can be no doubt that the very latest production technologies such as the revolutionary MEI machine coupled with a stringent internal review process sees Carl Zeiss Vision charting an exciting new course for the whole optical industry.

“Carl Zeiss Vision is proud to continue to invest in Australia and the skills of Australian work force. This new world class facility really puts Australia on the map within the optical industry,” says Mr. Gray.