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Sunday / May 26.

Marchon 3D

Elegance in eyewear now extends all the way to 3D thanks to Marchon 3D, a company set up to distribute eyewear that combines design and comfort with the best 3D technology for cinema, television and computers.

Marchon Eyewear and RealD Inc., a provider of 3D technology for cinema, consumer electronics and professional applications, have signed a global licensing agreement to use the RealD brand for sales of Marchon3D eyewear.

Marchon3D holds a portfolio of patents for circular polarised lenses suitable for 3D technology. With a unique curved design, the lenses are inserted into premium-style frames that offer wearers superior fit, comfort and an outstanding 3D viewing experience. This innovative eyewear also guarantees 100 per cent protection from UVA and UVB rays, so they can be worn all the time, even as sunglasses.

Marchon 3D will distribute its 3D eyewear compatible with RealD technology to movie theatres, retail outlets, e-commerce websites and manufacturers of electronic equipment around the world. Marchon Eyewear will add models with 3D lenses as well as graduated 3D lenses to its existing range distributed to optometrists.