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Sunday / June 16.
HomeminewsNew Glaucoma Guidelines

New Glaucoma Guidelines

With the eye care world’s attention on Glaucoma Week (6 – 12 March) the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has handed down new guidelines on the treatment of glaucoma which aim to provide a link between the many health professionals involved in eye care that will help ensure consistent standards across the health care system.

Chair of the NHMRC’s Glaucoma Working Committee, Professor Bill Morgan, said the disease was the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. A person with glaucoma usually experiences no symptoms until significant damage to eyesight has occurred. This is because generally outside vision disappears first, with central vision being lost last.

The new ‘Guidelines for the Screening, Prognosis, Diagnosis, Management and Prevention of Glaucoma’ provide information for eye specialists, opticians, GPs and other health workers on the best options for preventing and treating glaucoma. The Guidelines are based on the best current evidence.

“Glaucoma puts eyesight at risk. Identifying the best ways to overcome this risk through evidence-based practice has the potential to prevent vision loss in many Australians,” said Prof. Morgan.

The brochure will inform people about the signs and risk factors for glaucoma before eye damage goes too far.

The NHMRC has also produced a consumer brochure ‘Could this be happening to you?’ which is based on the Guidelines.

“The brochure will inform people about the signs and risk factors for glaucoma before eye damage goes too far,” he said.

A summary guide for GPs and other primary care providers will be available soon.

The Guidelines were prepared by an expert working committee established by the NHMRC and are part of the National Eye Health Framework.

The Council Guidelines were released late last year, at the RANZCO Congress in Adelaide.

To download the publications, visit www.nhmrc.gov.au/publications/synopses/cp113syn.htm.