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Monday / June 24.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 56, Apr 2011

mivision Issue 56, Apr 2011

The recently formed Optometry Board of Australia (OBA) has told the Australian Dispensing Opticians Association to stop using the word ‘optician’ in any of their communications as this title is reserved for optometrists alone. But optical dispensers can’t understand why, after 56 years of using the term ‘opticians’, they can no longer do so. Indeed, they see this move by the OBA as one that devalues their skills and significance in the community. Will this issue become the catalyst that unites optical dispensers or will it become a battlefield over identity?

Speaking of the issue of identity, once upon a time Botox was the preserve of celebrities struggling to keep up with Hollywood’s new blood. Now men and women of all ages are having it done. The old adage ‘what you see is what you get’ has never been further from the truth. Ironically, many of those who have had Botox around their eyes in their drive to beautify themselves find themselves with eyelid ptosis. Eye care professionals may need to think more outside the box if patients present with a droopy eyelid.

While how we look is important, it is even more so for celebrities whose next contract hinges on their popularity. It’s the way they look and what they wear that ups the number of papers, magazines and screens they’re splashed across throughout the year – and therefore determines where they sit among the world’s rich and famous. It also determines the purchasing decisions of consumers who ask you, their local Optometrist or Optical Dispenser, questions like “I want to buy a pair of those glasses Annette Bening wore at the Golden Globes? Or “Where can I get a pair of those specs Meryl Streep wore in that movie?” You know a thousand questions like these. To help you out we have some tips in our Celebrity Fashion feature this issue.

But while celebrities, and really most of us non-celebrities, are self-focussed, there are other people out there wholly focussed on helping those less fortunate.

Dr. Nag Rao, Chairman of the LV Prasad Eye Institute is just one. He’s on a mission to eliminate avoidable blindness in India by 2020. It’s a goal he and our own Professor Brien Holden are firmly committed to.

In the broader community, it’s taken major disasters to remind us all of just how important it is to retain a sense of humanity in the fast paced, competitive world in which we live. Now that kindness and compassion is back in vogue, I hope we can all hold on to it.

People have rallied to help New Zealanders work their way through catastrophic earthquakes. The eye care community lost one of its own and others have had their lives turned upside down and their practices destroyed.

Life is precious and can’t be taken for granted. As Greg Johnson says in our Last Word, we only get one crack at it so let’s “live deliberately… live deep and suck out all the marrow of life”.

Enjoy reading this issue.

Mark Cushway



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