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Sunday / July 14.
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Must Have Geek Chic

It started a few years ago and who’d have predicted it would still be going strong. But it seems the geek chic trend has defied the odds. Instead of fading away, these retro glasses are blasting a new path in fashion circles for 2011.

Based on the studious, geek image that is more aligned with mad scientists and mathematicians of the past than musicians and actors of today, the black, oversized, thick rimmed frames are the biggest fashion accessory on every Hollywood face – literally!

Only this time ’round, no-one’s cracking jokes or poking fun because it’s big business for retailers. As the latest “must-have” eyewear the smooth and sophisticated geek chic glasses that everyone’s after accentuate the soft curves of the wearer’s face and highlight the eyes… just take a look at Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, David Beckham, Woody Allen or the boys from the hilarious blockbuster Paul: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and you’ll see how.