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Wednesday / May 22.
HomemiequipmentODMA Technology Highlights

ODMA Technology Highlights

ODMA 2011 will showcase the many advances in ophthalmic technology and equipment from around the world that are pushing boundaries for eye health. To give you a hint of what’s on show, we’ve previewed a few of the highlights here.

Optical Manufacturers

Stand 163

Among a number of new products on show at the Optical Manufacturers stand is the Topcon 3D OCT-2000. The company says this is the very latest in Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technology and the only OCT with an inbuilt retinal camera to link a patient’s OCT scan with the exact point on the retina.

The company will also showcase the MPOD, which they claim is the only commercially available stand-alone instrument that quantifies the macular pigment for practitioners. The MPOD provides information about the need for patients to take macula-specific antioxidant supplements as well as track compliance and benefits of current supplementation.

Smart practitioners that recognise the potential to use technology for comprehensive patient care will differentiate their service within a highly competitive professional environment.

Other highlights include TRK-1P – an instrument that provides practitioners with auto-refraction; keratometry; tonometry and pachymetry without the need for direct contact with the patient’s eye; and the Reliance 520 Examination Chair. On show for the first time at ODMA, this brand new examination chair, available in several colours, allows extensive flexibility when it comes to positioning the patient relative to other instruments in the consulting room.

The award winning Topcon CV-5000 Refractor System will also be available for practitioners to review. Designed for streamlined patient refraction and practitioner ergonomics, this state of the art system offers a smart selection of auxiliary lenses and links with Topcon’s PC-50 LCD Visual Acuity monitor, autorefractor and computerised lensmeter to improve the efficiency of patient flow.

Designs for Vision

Stand 249

Designs for Vision is another exhibitor with several outstanding technologies to showcase this year. One of these is the Nidek Optical Path Difference (OPD) Scan III, which in one measurement, provides a comprehensive assessment of the optical system of the eye, delivering useful information to help solve difficult vision problems.

The scanning system assesses auto refraction in photopic and mesopic conditions, auto keratometry, corneal topography, abberometry (wavefront analysis) of the internal and total eye, pupilometry and measurement of accommodation, providing up to eight reports.

Using Placido Disc Topography and Dynamic Skioscopy, the OPD III provides high resolution maps of corneal topography (39 rings, 11,850 points measured), as well as total and internal wavefront maps (2,528 points measured) expressed in dioptres or microns.

The Designs for Vision stand will also be the place to see instant and simultaneous 3D photography in one shot, with the latest Kowa Non Mydriatic WX-3D Retinal Camera.

The camera produces either single image (450) or stereo pair images (340) in one single shot. There is no need for manual alignment or registration of two separately captured images. The single 12 megapixel high-resolution image compares well with any conventional camera in the market and the integrated nine points internal fixation system allows for mosaic photography covering a large retinal area with automatic image rotation and alignment.

Hoya’s PC Pro

Stand 155

PC Pro’ is Hoya’s latest lens designed specifically for regular computer use and near vision tasks. The lens has a 0.75 diopter digression combined with an asymmetric design, providing superior binocular vision for near vision tasks. The design has extremely low levels of peripheral distortion and extensive fields of view in the near and intermediate.

Carl Zeiss

Stand 170

This year at ODMA, Carl Zeiss Vision will showcase its new and exciting PhotoFusion self-tinting lens technology.

PhotoFusion react to dark and light up to twice as fast as the company’s previous lenses. With a patented photoactive molecule structure – when they’re hit by UV rays, the molecules are unleashed and the lenses are darkened – the more intense the UV rays, the darker the lenses. PhotoFusion lenses retain their performance for longer lasting durability, offer excellent colour consistency and are very clear indoors yet very dark outdoors. ensuring optimum vision with 100 per cent UV protection.

Mann Optics

Stand 276

Giacomo Colombo from Centrostyle will join the team at Mann Optics once again to answer technical questions and demonstrate equipment brought in for ODMA 2011. The new Centrostyle Friend novelty range of silicone frame accessories; its Laboratory Modular System, winner of the “iF” design award 2010 and the new EyeJinX I accessories range of fun packaging for spectacle accessories, cloths and sprays, will all be on show.

Carl Zeiss

Stand 170

Carl Zeiss will showcase Visucam 200, claimed to be the world’s first fundus camera to measure macular pigment density, identify patients at risk of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and monitor the effect of diet and supplements on the level of macular pigment. It can also take colour, red-free, stereo and montage images, all through a 3.3mm pupil, making it an ideal screening solution for diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and AMD.

They’ll also exhibit the Cirrus HD OCT, now available in two models, each with superb images, ease of use and proven, robust analyses. Carl Zeiss says it is the world’s first OCT to combine its raw data with a perimeter (Humphrey Field Analyser) to create the RNFL-Visual Field Combined Report.

Cerium Optical Products

Stand 132

Cerium Optical will showcase its Intuitive Colorimeter this year, a product they say, that when used with an associated set of precision lenses, makes it possible to scientifically determine the optimum colour lenses to correct visual stress. The Intuitive Colorimeter then enables optometrists to prescribe the best precision tinted spectacles or contact lenses for vision correction.

Medmont International

Stand 126

The latest AT20P Acuity Tester on display at ODMA Fair uses Smartphone technology (iPhone & Android) for it’s handheld controller. In doing so practitioners derive the same benefit and functionality of the standard Medmont AT20R at a significantly reduced price. There’s also a new version of software ‘Medmont Studio 5’ to discover.


Stand 105

Mostyn will display its latest edging equipment at ODMA Fair 2011, including the stand alone ES Curve Industrial 5-Axis Edger, which enables complex edging jobs and the Satisloh 7E Edger which, the company claims, provides the widest range of functionalities and features of any table top edger in the industry.

Optos Stand


The new 200Dx Ultra-widefield Retinal Imaging system will be featured for the first time at ODMA along with visual acuity systems and visual field analysers. Optos’ ultra-widefield imaging technology produces high-resolution digital images of approximately 82 per cent of the retina – a feat the company claims is something no other device is capable of doing in a single image.


Stand 143

The completely redesigned Mobilux LED, claimed to be Australia’s most used magnifying aid for the visually impaired, can be inspected at ODMA Fair 2011. The new version features two colour temperatures and powers from +10 to +50 diopter. A step-up converter gives brighter, more even illumination. This new format includes Mobilux Digital, which provides up to the equivalent of +24 diopter, binocularly, at long working distances and with enhanced contrast, reverse contrast, and brilliant colour reproduction.


Stand 203

New ophthalmic products and complete consulting room fit outs will be on display at BOC’s ODMA Fair stand. Exhibits will include the compact, economical and versatile Optovue iVue OCT with high resolution retina, glaucoma and anterior scanning and analysis, and the multifunctional Optovue RTVue 3D OCT.