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Sunday / May 19.
HomeminewsCPD Logo Changed from OAA to OBA Logo

CPD Logo Changed from OAA to OBA Logo

Changes have been announced by the Optometry Board of Australia (OBA) to the CPD logo that appears for accredited courses. From now on the OAA logo which was used for CPD articles has been replaced with the OBA logo.

The letters ‘T’, ‘M’ and ‘N’ may be included with the number of points accredited to the education. ‘T’ indicates the education is therapeutic, ‘M’ indicates that the education is provided by a manufacturer and the course advertises a specific product and ‘N’ indicates non-clinical points.

In the April issue of mivision the article entitled, Contact Lens Maintenance, was originally classified as a ‘2M’ article during the accreditation process, prior to publication. Following publication of the issue, the classification of the article was revised as it was “not promotional in nature” and has been assigned a general CPD classification which carries two general CPD points.

Additionally, the Genetics of Eye Disease article, which was mistakenly referenced as a ‘2M’ article in the April edition of mivision, carries two general points.

The amended logos for each module can be seen on the mivision distance learning centre and upon successfully completing each module two general CPD points will be recorded and forwarded to the OAA.