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Friday / May 24.
Homeminews‘How To’ Consoles Keratoconus Patients

‘How To’ Consoles Keratoconus Patients

Australian optometrists specialising in keratoconus have joined forces to write a book in layman’s terms to allay the concerns of keratoconus patients and their families. The authors of A user’s manual for people with keratoconus are Dr. Michael Loughnan, Dr. Jim Kokinakis, Mr. Richard Lindsay and Prof. Gerard Sutton.

Dr. Kokinakis said the authors hope the book will create a greater understanding of the condition within the community. “Over the years all four of us have seen thousands of keratoconus patients that are misinformed, managed inappropriately and many are depressed, as they perceive that they are going blind – it is only a matter of time.

“Of course with appropriate management this perception is incorrect.
The spectrum of keratoconus is infinite starting from subclinical, who do not even need glasses to those that have multiple corneal transplants.

“The key to management is to see a practitioner that has experience in all stages of the spectrum. These practitioners are far and few between. Not because you have to be a rocket scientist to manage keratoconus – it’s like anything – practice makes perfect.”

A user’s manual for people with keratoconus is available online at www.wilkinsonpublishing.com.au.