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Wednesday / May 25.
HomeminewsYoung Optoms Plan for their Future

Young Optoms Plan for their Future

A new professional networking group, Young Optometrists (YO), has launched with the intention of giving voice and support to young optometrists who have been practising for 10 years or less.

The group also aims to promote the profession as a whole and “give rise to a side of optometry that is young and fun”.

The Young Optometrists’ inaugural event was held in Sydney in June, when members heard from Dr. Colin Chan, Mr. Will Robertson, Mr. Grant Hannaford and Mr. Steve Zantos.

YO spokesperson Ms. Carina Trinh said the event was well received. “It was great to see an enthusiastic gathering of young optometrists together, asking questions, learning, gaining CPD points, and having a great time together.”

In the future, we hope to host at least three events per year, ideally focused on a range of topics..

Already 25 young optometrists have signed up for the group and there is growing interest from both within NSW and interstate. Megan Tu from YO, said the response from the wider optometric community has also been encouraging.

“We hope to hold a big YO launch dinner sometime around November to provide our members with the opportunity to meet as well as learn about clinical and business skills. Feedback from our inaugural Q&A session will enable us to tailor that event to meet the needs of our YO members,” said Ms. Tu.

“Our launch dinner should also attract many new graduates about to enter the profession. This will allow them the chance to learn about what they need to know before entering the workforce.

“In the future, we hope to host at least three events per year, ideally focused on a range of topics including Medicare issues, optometric specialties and business skills. These were suggestions provided by members in their feedback after the Q&A session.”

To contact the organisation, email y.optoms@gmail.com or get in touch via Facebook at: www.facebook.com/yoptoms


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