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Saturday / March 2.
HomemifashionnewsMika Designs Eyewear that Pops

Mika Designs Eyewear that Pops

British pop singer songwriter Mika has put on a star performance as a celebrity eyewear designer for
Italy’s De Rigo Group.

His exclusive special edition series for De Rigo’s cult collection ‘Lozza’ reflects the pop star’s fascination with icons of the cinema. Mika was inspired by scenes from old movies and screen icons James Dean and Audrey Hepburn, who made eyewear a “seductive accessory” he said. Two of the three new ‘Lozza by Mika’ models feature poetry engraved inside the temples as a “secret message to be shared only with the right person at the right moment”… mmm that’s romantic.

Mika said material selections were inspired by precious wood finishes of Riva motorboats and the soft leather seats and polished chrome of the Aston Martins of the 50s.

This venture into product endorsement isn’t the first for Mika. He’s worked with Coca Cola on the design of a limited edition Mika Coke bottle and box set which was released in 2010, and according to Mika’s website, sold out in “record time”. Additionally, Mika worked with legendary Japanese toy designers, DevilRobots, to create a Mika Tofu doll. The six inch doll was so popular they decided to collaborate on a second edition.