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Sunday / June 16.
HomemiequipmentThe Intuitive Colorimeter for Visual Stress

The Intuitive Colorimeter for Visual Stress

The Intuitive Colorimeter, designed by Professor Arnold Wilkins (now head of Visual Perception at the University of Essex), is distributed by Cerium Australia in agreement with Cerium UK, its world distributor

The instrument is used, by over 500 UK community optometrists as well as some hospital and university vision clinics, to prescribe precision tinted lenses for readers with the photosensitive condition Visual Stress. Today it is also widely used to treat migraine, MS, Austism and closed head injury.

The colorimeter presents colour in a sequential manner, allowing changes to be made to hue and saturation to arrive at the optimum colour or colours. The ultimate selection of the precision tinted lens can reduce or eradicate visual distortions seen by people with Visual Stress in printed text.

In cases of migraine and other medical conditions where hyper-excitability of the visual cortex of the brain occurs, the method of prescribing the optimum colour is approached in exactly the same manner as that used for prescribing for perceptual distortions in reading.

The instrument is used, by over 500 UK community optometrists…

When used with associated trial lenses, the Intuitive colorimeter offers thousands of combinations and allows for a sufficiently precise colour. Research has shown any departure from the optimum colour may significantly reduce reading speed and accuracy. Systems that offer few colours are unlikely to achieve the most beneficial outcome.

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