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Tuesday / June 25.
HomeminewsGoogle Glass Enters Operating Theatre

Google Glass Enters Operating Theatre

Augmented reality glasses have been worn by a surgeon in the United States, to allow real-time documentation of a stomach operation.

Google Glass displays information through smartphone-like eyewear that can interact with the Internet. The glasses have been made available to selected individuals
and developers.

US surgeon Rafael Grossman said he wore the glasses during surgery to demonstrate the product’s huge potential for healthcare.

The video and photos were streamed in real time to his blog, but never revealed the patient’s face or identity.

This is an intuitive tool…

“I took every precaution to ensure that the patient’s privacy was protected and I received his informed consent,” Dr. Grossman explained in his blog post titled ‘Ok Glass, hand me the scalpel please’.

“This is an intuitive tool… (that) could improve team consultancy, encourage opinions by external experts, but it is also a useful teaching tool.”