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Thursday / June 20.
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CR Surfacing Laboratories licences Carl Zeiss Australia’s in store ordering program RxConnect.

Rx Connect is a quick and highly efficient way to order your lenses from CR Surfacing Laboratories. This free, easy to use Windows based program allows you to transmit orders 24-hours a day. Orders are processed immediately within CR Surfacing’s laboratory system, improving turnaround time and order accuracy.

This B2B online ordering system offers the additional benefit of a remote edging facility, which is processed on CR Surfacing Laboratories’ new, fully robotic ES3 edging machine. This is one of the most precise and accurate edging machines available.

Rx Connect can be installed as a stand-alone program or networked throughout a practice. It can be integrated with Optomate and Sunnix practice management programs to further enhance and streamline your practice lens ordering.

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