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Monday / June 24.
Homeminews‘Jog Out of Fog’ Ahead of Schedule

‘Jog Out of Fog’ Ahead of Schedule

Six days into his epic 1,000 kilometre ‘Jog out of Fog’ to raise funds for charity eye health organisation Cambodia Vision, Damian King has powered past the 350 kilometre mark.

Mr. King is running from Brisbane to Sydney in 18 days hoping to raise $100,000 to fund the work of Cambodia Vision, which regularly sends eye health professionals to the poorest areas of rural Cambodia, to conduct cataract surgeries.

He was “about a day ahead of schedule” just outside of the New South Wales city of Grafton after six days of running, his support crew member Carl Tobia told mivision today.

“His feet and legs are pretty shot but his mind is unbelievable,” Mr. Tobia said.

“He’s getting some good massages and physio treatment. He will finish it. He will definitely finish it.”

Mr. Tobia said that the grueling schedule – which is the equivalent of running a marathon (or more) a day, every day – was a huge mental challenge for Mr. King.

“Damian’s been enjoying the mental challenge. He’s not looking at the 1,000 kilometres. He’s eating away at it in little bits. Every stage, every five kilometres is a different challenge,” Mr. Tobia said.

Mr. King conceived the idea of the charity run after speaking to childhood friend Will Robertson, of Designs for Vision, about his participation in a Cambodia Vision eye health mission.

“I have never been to Cambodia,” Mr. King told mivision in an interview before he started the journey

“There’s not much I can do. I have no education in eye health but finance is an issue… I wanted to put Cambodia Vision on the map and assist them to raise funds,” Mr. King said.

Donations can be made via Mr. King’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/jogoutoffog