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Thursday / June 13.
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ZEISS RxConnect

In today’s competitive market, systems are crucial to streamline ordering so that you can maximise time with your patients and deliver the best optical solutions to meet their needs. Systems also enable you to convert opportunity into sales for your practice.

RxConnect, the electronic ordering platform by ZEISS, delivers this basic requirement as it interfaces with your Practice Management Software (PMS) system, enabling your practice to enjoy a seamless electronic ordering experience with your local ZEISS laboratory. SUNIX and Optomate users around Australia and New Zealand are already experiencing these benefits. With an open interface, any system can easily be integrated with RxConnect so that the benefits of electronic ordering can be gained.

RxConnect is suitable for installation on a local PC, Server (including terminal services) and cloud computing environments, ensuring scalability for businesses with one or multiple practices.

The benefits of electronic ordering with RxConnect are endless and include immediate commencement of your job, partial or full lens thickness optimisation using either standard frame shapes or a frame trace respectively, and the ability to ensure there are no transcription errors. This means your job should always come back correct, the first time. Additionally RxConnect saves costs for your practice because it removes the need to fax and activates electronic ordering rebates.

Existing users of ZEISS RxConnect will be pleased to learn that RxConnect version 4.0 is due to be released this Spring. RxConnect 4.0 comes with many updates, including single page F2 data entry with the ability to add in all extras and position of wear values. The ability to filter by product family options including All, Coatings, Consumables, Fitting, Frames (for frame and lens packages) and Services (Tint, UV, Frosting) makes Extras easy to find and add. Additionally, once all data is entered, you can validate the order and correct any errors prior to submitting it to ZEISS. Also included in version 4.0 is the ability to connect a greater range of tracers. Finally, optional fitting heights can now be selected for spherical single vision products, and users will now be able to change a job’s status from complete back to entered.

For further information about ordering with RxConnect contact the ZEISS Customer Care Hotline on (AUS) 1800 882 041 or your local Business Development Representative.