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Saturday / April 20.
HomeminewsPatients with Macular Disease Will Know Their Professional Friends

Patients with Macular Disease Will Know Their Professional Friends

Patients will now be more easily able to identify optometrists with an interest in macular disease following the launch of a ‘Professional Friend’ program by the Macular Disease Foundation Australia.

The Professional Friend program costs AU$220 per year to participate in and entitles optometrists to be listed in a service directory on the MDFA’s new website (to be launched in the first half of 2014). Additionally, Professional Friends will receive a decal and certificate of friendship to display in the practice, as well as free publications and resources in bulk that can be offered to patients at risk of, or living with, macular disease.

The Macular Disease Foundation produces an extensive series of information brochures which are normally distributed to eye care professionals at a cost of AU$20.

A quarterly newsletter, weekly research e-newsletter, information poster and annual report will also be provided to Professional Friends free of charge.

Julie Heraghty, chief executive officer of the Macular Disease Foundation said the Foundation’s work continues to drive patients to optometry practices to have their eyes tested and macula checked. She said the strong relationship between the Foundation and the country’s optometrists has saved the sight of thousands of Australians.

Participation in the Professional Friends program costs just $220 (inc. GST) per year. For information phone Judith O’Hagan at the Macular Disease Foundation: (AUS) 02 8268 8412.