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Saturday / June 15.
HomeminewsNew Google Glass App a Bit Below the Belt

New Google Glass App a Bit Below the Belt

A Lebanese student has invented the first Google Glass app for sex, an application he claims delivers an unusual sensory experience.

The Guardian newspaper of London calls it “the sex application” and the student claims in his product advertising, “Sex will never be the same again after this”.

Named ‘Sex with Glass’, the app enables the Google Glass wearer to see what their partner sees when they are making love. If both partners are wearing the glasses, the experience is reciprocal.

The glasses are ‘turned on’ when the wearer gives the command, “OK Glass, it’s time” and can be ‘turned off’ with an equally simple command. Images can be stored and replayed for five hours.

The application can also switch room lights on and off and display a Kama Sutra manual when inspiration is required. Currently being researched is an iPhone application connected to the glasses app.

While some critics have despaired at the advertising, which features seductive images of women, others have simply commented that making love in front of a mirror would be a much simpler and less expensive ‘application’.

Is this an early indication of how low Google Glass has to go to gain a hold on the market?