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Saturday / May 18.
HomeminewsCL Contamination Concerns

CL Contamination Concerns

“Commonly used disinfecting solutions provide little protection from contamination of contact lens storage cases.”These were the words of Soroka Medical Center’s Dr. Assaf Kratz and Dr. Tova Lifshitz at a joint meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and European Society of Ophthalmology.

In a study they found at least one pathogen in two-thirds of 30 storage cases used by 16 people. Pseudomonas – a known cause of severe corneal infections – was the most common pathogen (41 per cent).

Fungal pathogens accounted for about 3.3 per cent of contamination. Pathogens which can cause keratitis were found in all types of storage solutions examined, and some solutions tested positive for pathogens in every test.