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Saturday / April 20.
HomemifashionnewsMini Embraces Augmented Reality

Mini Embraces Augmented Reality

The world’s favourite little car brand, Mini, has released augmented vision eyewear to offer drivers “increased safety and added convenience”.

According to Dr. Christoph Grote, Senior Vice President Research, New Technologies, Innovations, Mini Augmented Vision, the aim is to interconnect mobility applications inside and outside the vehicle.

This means that navigation instructions, for example, are displayed directly in the lenses of the driver’s eyewear, so the driver can focus their attention on the road at all times and concentrate entirely on the traffic. At the same time, tracking technology helps ensure no other drivers or road hazards are concealed by the extra displays.

Besides showing navigation information, incorporating the augmented reality (AR) technology into glasses paves the way for additional functionality when the head turns in other directions, such as the ability to look through the car door while parking, for example, as well as for functions outside the vehicle.
Mini Augmented Reality glasses were designed by BMW Group subsidiary Designworks.