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Friday / April 19.
HomeminewsShamir OHS Acquires Eyres

Shamir OHS Acquires Eyres

Shamir Occupational Health and Safety (Shamir OHS) has acquired the business of Eyres in a bid to accelerate its development and leverage its growth and expansion into the health and safety industry worldwide.

An agreement reached between the Shamir Group (Shamir) and Raylane and i-Optixx (Eyres) means Shamir will hold 70 per cent in Shamir OHS, while the founder of Eyres will hold the remainder of the ownership interests.

Shamir has indicated it will further invest in Australia by upgrading its laboratories with a special focus on coating facilities and taking on more staff.

Speaking of the acquisition, Paul Stacey, General Manager of Shamir Australia said, “The combination and synergy between Shamir’s Attitude lens technology and Eyres’ quality frame technology creates a great opportunity for the improvement of health and safety optics.”

Michel Audry said, “we identified a gap in the market place and recognised that to be able to rely on the integrity of our eyewear and go internationally as an Australian brand we would have to create a synergy with an advanced lens manufacturer; after three years of search we acknowledged that Shamir advanced technology was fully adaptable to our frames”.