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Monday / May 20.
HomeminewsDiabetes Associated with All Sugary Drinks

Diabetes Associated with All Sugary Drinks

Consumption of sugar sweetened beverages, such as soft drinks and sweetened-milk beverages were associated with higher type 2 diabetes risk regardless of socio-demographic, lifestyle and dietary factors, or obesity according to a large prospective study published in Diabetologia Journal.

Using prospective food diary data, researchers differentiated sweet beverage intake into distinct beverage groups, allowing for the inclusion of beverages not typically previously examined in sugar sweetened beverage research, including tea or coffee with sugar added by the consumer and sweetened-milk beverages such as flavoured milks and milkshakes.

Findings suggested that reducing consumption of sweet beverages, in particular soft drinks and sweetened-milk beverages, and promoting drinking water and unsweetened tea or coffee as alternatives may help curb the escalating diabetes epidemic.

The authors wrote that to the best of their knowledge, estimates of the population impact of sweet beverage consumption in reducing type 2 diabetes incidence were the first reported. “Our findings are of considerable public health relevance, showing that 3 to 15 per cent of type 2 diabetes cases might be prevented under different intake assumptions, as proposed.”

The researchers wrote that in summary, “In light of the consistency of past evidence, together with the new evidence generated by this work, it is now timely and appropriate to consider population-based interventions to reduce sugar sweetened beverages consumption and increase the consumption of suitable alternative beverages.”