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Wednesday / May 22.
HomeminewsLuxottica Cuts 21 Staff, Promotes Six

Luxottica Cuts 21 Staff, Promotes Six

Luxottica Australia and New Zealand has made significant structural changes the company believes will enable it to “remain relevant” in the current competitive market.

mivision spoke to Anthea Muir, Luxottica’s President, Optical Retail Australia and New Zealand to find out more about the changes and the strategy behind them.

How many people have been retrenched and how many appointed to new roles?

We recently announced some changes and reorganisation across our business in order to be more competitive in the marketplace. The changes are intended to simplify our current structure to provide clear focus and accountabilities as well as ensuring the growth areas of the business are resourced appropriately. As a result we have realigned various functions to refocus on core business areas to deliver excellent customer experiences and drive growth.

Unfortunately 21 roles have been made redundant, however six promotions have occurred and we’re confident we now have the right business structure in place for our future.

Is the restructure a sign that OPSM franchises and the HO as a business entity are struggling?

No. The reorganisation is all about putting the right resources in the right places and securing the future growth of the business, and adapting to the changing retail environment.

As the organisation moves toward an increasing number of franchisee partners, the responsibilities of the IOL function have evolved

The next few months will be a time of transition but we have such a talented group of people at Luxottica Australia. We change lives everyday and look forward to continuing doing so.

Without a national eye care director how will OPSM achieve consistency in its level of service?

Robyn Weinberg has been appointed Eyecare and OneSight Director nationally and will assume responsibility for direction and governance of optometry within Luxottica Australia, ensuring our high level of service continues.

The changes are aimed at giving a deeper focus at the state and regional level to ensure local needs are met on a day to day basis. Mario Basso will continue to lead the eyecare agenda for Laubman and Pank.

Is the Institute of Learning (IOL) being closed down completely?

As the organisation moves toward an increasing number of franchisee partners, the responsibilities of the IOL function have evolved. As such we made a decision to close the function as the industry bodies provide an excellent standard of professional development to all optometrists in Australia, and our optometrists will continue to enjoy the same level of education.

Was the Institute solely focussed on professional development or did it have other roles and if so, how will its closure affect the business?

The IOL was formed in 2007 to provide an increased focus on professional development to assist the organisation through the changes of therapeutic regulation changes. Recently, education has only been a small part of this function, which we now access via the industry bodies and Association.

With the new approach driving optometrists to Associations and industry bodies for professional development, how will OPSM guarantee that the same level of expertise is maintained across all practices?

The Associations and industry bodies provide an excellent standard of professional development to all optometrists in Australia and our optometrists will receive the same level of education. At a national level, Robyn Weinberg, who comes with a wealth of experience and is a leader in the industry, will provide governance of our high quality standards.

How many stores does Lux currently have across New Zealand and Australia and how did they perform in this last financial year compared to the previous?

We are operating in a more challenging environment and changes have had to be made to set ourselves up with the right business structure and model that will be sustainable for our future.

Luxottica has 672 stores in Australia and New Zealand. OPSM has 383 stores (333 in Australia and 50 in New Zealand), Laubman & and Pank has 46 stores and Sunglass Hut has 243 stores (217 in Australia and 26 in New Zealand).

What is Lux’s strategy for practice growth in Australia and New Zealand – what is the objective in terms of franchises vs. corporate owned stores?

The company strategy remains unchanged. Luxottica Australia will remain a mix of corporate and franchise owned stores.

We are committed to improving the vision of Australians and New Zealanders and promoting the critical importance of good eye health.