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Tuesday / June 25.
HomeminewsComplete Revitalens Rebrand

Complete Revitalens Rebrand

Abbott Medical Optics has rebranded its Revitalens Multi-purpose Disinfecting Contact Lens Solution. The new Complete Revitalens will be available from 1 January 2016.

According to Abbott, Complete Revitalens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution for contact lenses provides proven peroxide quality disinfection with advanced Ocutec Duel Cleansing action, for 16hr long lasting comfort.1 The formulation removes lipid and proteins to condition the contact lens, while hydrating and lubricating with EDTA for all day lens wearing comfort.

Complete Revitalens MPDS provides healthcare professionals and their patients with:
• Lower incidence of adverse events2
• Lower rate of solution-induced corneal staining3
• High biocompatibility with the eye4
• Clarity of vision and end-of-day comfort5

Contact Lens Care and Patient Compliance

Acording to Abbott, two key outstanding problems remain in the contact lens industry:
(a) end of day discomfort with soft lenses,
(b) corneal inflammation and infection during wear.

The former issue appears to have stunted the growth of the contact lens market given that the number of patients ceasing contact lens wear appears to be significant and that most of this group cite discomfort as the main cause of their discontinuation.6

The company claims that Complete Revitalens MPDS gives greater peace of mind to eye care professionals and their non-compliant patients, by maintaining efficacy under non-compliant conditions. As an example, in a study showing antimicrobial activity under non-compliant conditions – Complete Revitalens MPDS sustained efficacy against Acanthamoeba castellanii > 99 per cent, while competitor brands efficacy significantly reduced by 61 per cent (p<0.05).7

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