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Tuesday / June 25.
HomeminewsEye Risk Factors Remain Unknown

Eye Risk Factors Remain Unknown

Few people are aware of the dangers to their eyes caused by everyday activities, surrounding objects and devices, according to a poll conducted for Essilor by YouGov. Even among people who were aware of the risks, most were unaware of existing preventative measures.

Of the 2,096 people polled, those aware of the link between known factors affecting eye health were: poor diet (59 per cent); obesity (35 per cent); smoking tobacco (36 per cent); UV light, not just direct from the sun but reflected off shiny surfaces (54 per cent); and blue light from low energy lightbulbs and electronic screens (29 per cent). Over one in 10 were completely unaware that any of these factors could affect eyesight at all. Seventy-two per cent of respondents owned or wore prescription glasses but only 28 per cent knew there were lenses available to protect against ‘blue light’ and ‘UV light’. Seventy-six per cent had not heard of E-SPF ratings. Thirteen per cent had lenses with protection from direct and reflected UV light, and only 2 per cent had protection from blue light.

Younger people were most aware of the dangers of UV and blue light, yet least aware of how smoking tobacco and obEye Risk Factors Remain Unknownesity can affect eye health. Full results are at www.essilor.co.uk