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Saturday / May 25.
HomeminewsProVision Contact Lens Packaging Attracts International Attention

ProVision Contact Lens Packaging Attracts International Attention

New look contact lens packaging designed for Provision by Sydney agency Boxer & Co has been listed in the top 10 packaging projects of the week on ‘The Dieline’, a website which claims to be the most visited website on packaging design in the world with “a readership spanning millions across hundreds of countries”.

The new packaging, which uses a modern take on a 1950s style of illustration and features characters engaged in activity, has also been shortlisted for the Melbourne Design Awards under the category of Graphic Design (three dimensional) for 2016.

ProVision, in partnership with strategic supplier partner, CooperVision, commissioned Boxer & Co to develop a new vision for ProVision’s exclusive brand of contact lenses.

“We could see that the existing packaging was due for a refresh and with new products being added to the range, it was a great opportunity to rethink our approach and challenge the status quo,” said Sarah O’Connor, ProVision’s Marketing Manager. “We are thrilled with Boxer and Co’s development of a unique and standout packaging solution that brings a strong retail and consumer friendly flavour to a product category that has been typically awash with science, pale blue and water splashes. We wanted to move away from this and develop something that could proudly have a place in the retail environment. ProVision Contact Lenses’ packaging now reflects the true consumer benefits of wearing them – absolute freedom to get on with their day and enjoy activities that would otherwise be restricted with glasses,” said Ms. O’Connor.

The new packaging… has also been shortlisted for the Melbourne Design Awards

The new ProVision packaging features characters engaged in activities ranging from yoga to dancing to cycling and swimming, conveying the ‘feeling’ of freedom. This design strategy will enable new products to seamlessly join the brand family.

Replacement schedules are distinguished by a solid background colour and the lens design (sphere, toric or multifocal) is indicated by the colour of the circle that houses the illustration, with the most premium range having two circles to portray its more complex structure. New icons were created to help quickly navigate the benefits.