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Sunday / May 26.
HomeminewsTransitions Lives the Good Light

Transitions Lives the Good Light

Young people are the target of a new global campaign to promote single vision photochromic lenses. The ‘Live the Good Light’ campaign will encourage consumers to visit their optometry practice and choose Transitions lenses.

According to Transitions, the campaign has been previewed by customers and eye care professionals in the United States and will run across digital media platforms in Australia in the coming months. Campaign advertisements show people in work and social settings enjoying the light with Transitions lenses.

“What we have tried to do with this campaign is to show young people in their everyday life,” said Darragh O’Connor, Vice President, Global Marketing with Transitions.

‘Live the Good Light’ focuses on young people and their experience with the brand, and demonstrates the stylish aspects of the Transitions range, with the aim of engaging new wearers and continuing Transitions’ connection with core customers.

What we have tried to do with this campaign is to show young people in their everyday life

The campaign also reiterates the comfort and protection Transitions lenses offer against UV and harmful blue light.

“Transitions is a long established and trusted brand in the Australian market, with our lenses being worn by people of all ages and lifestyles,” said Stuart Cannon, General Manager, Asia Pacific for Transitions. “The ‘Live the Good Light’ campaign will further enhance our market awareness and highlight for past, current and new wearers of Transitions lenses, the flexibility and adaptability of our range.”

Catch the new ‘Live the Good Light’ television commercial at transitions.com