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Tuesday / August 9.
HomeminewsDry Eye Clinic Opens in Sydney CBD

Dry Eye Clinic Opens in Sydney CBD

PersonalEyes has opened a dedicated Dry Eye Clinic in York Street, Sydney above Wynyard Station. The Centre has been equipped with a full suite of diagnostics including meibum layer analysis, meibography, non-invasive tear break-up time, blink analysis, osmolarity, and MMP-9.

Additionally, it includes a full suite of therapies including Lipiflow thermal pulsation, IPL and Endoret Autologous Plasma Rich in Growth Factors. A visiting medical officer, who specialises in integrated medicine, visits the centre on a fortnightly basis.

Dr. Kerry Meades from PersonalEyes said the new centre would provide a non-competitive referral destination for optometrists. “The incidence of dry eye disease has significantly grown because of our broad increase in screen time as well as side effects from common prescription and over the counter medications. Of course it’s also commonly associated with laser refractive surgery, glaucoma drops, menopause, contact lens wear and hormone imbalances. Awareness of the impact that dry eye disease has on quality of life is also increasing, both in public and clinical settings.

“Fortunately, our knowledge of the disease has improved and as such, multiple solutions are becoming available. In fact there is now such a spectrum of solutions that it has become impractical for a standard optomety or ophthalmology clinic to offer them all,” said Dr. Meades.

Fortunately, our knowledge of the disease has improved and as such, multiple solutions are becoming available

“Having a centre dedicated to dry eye disease without offering services like glasses, allows optometrists to ensure their patients receive comprehensive dry eye management while being able to maintain the care of all other aspects of the patients’ vision and eye care needs.”

The Dry Eye Institute is the only eye care centre in Asia Pacific offering Endoret Autologous Plasma Rich in Growth Factors. Dr. Meades hopes it may become a resource for ophthalmologists to access the new therapy.

Qualified nutritionist and optometrist Emma Furniss has been engaged as the principle optometrist at the centre. Ms. Furniss previously worked in a dry eye practice in New Zealand.

Visit www.dryeyeinstitute.com.au


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