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Friday / March 1.
HomeminewsEyeQ Asks Patients, Do You See What I See?

EyeQ Asks Patients, Do You See What I See?

EyeQ Optometrists has partnered with Bayer Australia to use optical illusions to remind people to look twice to ensure they are seeing the real picture. The attention-catching ‘Do you see what I see?’ campaign is supported by the Macular Disease Foundation Australia.

Eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy increase in risk as people age.1 It is particularly important for Australians over 50 years old to prioritise regular eye tests.2 A simple test could make all the difference, with research last year finding that up to 80 per cent of vision impairment and blindness is preventable or treatable through early detection and treatment.1,3,4,5

Ray Fortescue, optometrist and EyeQ Executive Chairman said he was particularly keen to get involved with the campaign because it reinforces EyeQ’s position as the “experts in eyecare”.

“We’re creating a lot of awareness in these local communities about the importance of regular eye tests which is great, not only for EyeQ, but for the industry as a whole. Local Members of Parliament, patients and local media have all jumped on board to help make this happen,” said Mr. Fortescue.

The two month Do You See What I See? campaign is running throughout nine EyeQ practices with local area marketing taking place via traditional media and social media channels.

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