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Wednesday / July 17.
HomeminewsOptometrist Finds Solution for Neck Pain

Optometrist Finds Solution for Neck Pain

An Australian optometrist may have found a solution to the neck, shoulder and lower back pain that occurs because of the repetitive nature of practice.

Specsavers director Luke Mathers is not a small man, and at 193cm and just north of 100kg, he found himself struggling with a chronically sore lower back. “I would be fine going to work, but by lunchtime I would not be able to straighten up, and my back would be killing me,” he explained. “I have a friend who’s a sports scientist, and he suggested I use a fit ball while consulting. It helped my back but was really inconvenient. I fell off it a couple of times, and it was always rolling away.”

Determined to find a solution, Mr. Mathers came up with a novel idea. “I was trying to design a better shaped fit ball and saw a Bosu ball in the gym next to my home office. We broke up a few stools and attached the Bosu ball to one of them, and the jellyfish chair was born.”

Mr. Mathers found a ball supplier in Taiwan and together they developed prototypes and have now begun production of the chairs.

sitting on a jellyfish chair can reverse a lot of the problems associated with long periods at the desk.

The chair’s genius is in its simplicity. By using half a fit ball and combining it with a stool that can quickly move around the consulting room, the compact Jellyfish chair has all the benefits of a ball with none of the drawbacks. It can be height adjustable, inflated for comfort, and customised with corporate covers.

Bond University exercise physiologist, Prof. Chris McLellan explained, “By promoting a straighter spine and increasing core strength, sitting on a jellyfish chair can reverse a lot of the problems associated with long periods at the desk. Frequent breaks involving moving around and standing up for part of the eye-test can also be beneficial. The key is not to stay in the same posture for extended periods. The human body is designed to move. Sitting all day deactivates your core muscles. Active sitting on a jellyfish chair can help get the core muscles working again.”

Jellyfish chairs are suitable for anyone from 130-200cm tall. Visit www.coreseat.com.au.