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Tuesday / June 25.
HomeminewsVSP Launches Unity Via

VSP Launches Unity Via

VSP Optics Group has launched ‘Unity Via Progressive Lenses’ in Australia; four new designs that, according to the company, rated two to one over the leading progressive in a 2016 US double blind wearer trial.

At the launch in VSP’s new showroom in Sydney, General Manager Brad Saffin said VSP had worked hard during 2017 to develop a supply chain out of VSP Dallas, which has enabled VSP in Australia to bring Unity Via to the market. He said the supply chain had given VSP’s new Sydney laboratory access to new technologies, including TechShield Blue, which it has never had access to before.

“We now have new products, new technologies, as well as training, sales tools and support for the technology,” said Mr. Saffin. “That puts our sales team in a stronger position to offer education and support to customers.”

VSP Network and Optics Manager Maren Carson said Unity Via launch was a “big milestone” for the company, being the first VSP Optics Group branded design to be brought to the local market. She said Unity Via would be the first of many lens products and lens enhancements to come from the VSP Optics Group’s product development team, in the US.

That puts our sales team in a stronger position to offer education and support to customers

Unity Via has been trialled in Australia since last December by a select group of VSP and non VSP lens customers and Ms. Carson said she had received “overwhelmingly positive feedback”.

In America, the lens has been particularly successful. “In less than five years, Unity has become the fastest growing ophthalmic lens brand in the US market, boasting over three million satisfied wearers” said Ms. Carson. She said nine out of ten wearers surveyed about their experience with an earlier model Unity lens said they would recommend Unity to a friend and nine out of ten said it was the best progressive lens they’d tried. “The total lens satisfaction rating they gave was 9.3 out of 10. Over the past two years some of the best lens designers in the world have worked with optometrists and with progressive wearer feedback in mind to push the envelope of lens design and fitting to create the latest Unity Via technology”.

Janee Chanthara, Marketing and Communications Coordinator said Unity lenses are customised to individual patients using ‘intelligent technology’ that makes them easy for optometrists to fit and ensures patients see their best at every distance. For more information about Unity Via, turn to page 104 in the magazine.