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Tuesday / June 18.
HomeminewsO-Show Social Media Seminar

O-Show Social Media Seminar

The social media landscape changes daily. Everywhere we turn, there is new information about ‘fake news’, ‘data breaches’, ‘algorithm changes’, and ‘lower reach for businesses’.

These unsettling stories are causing people to question whether they should use social media, and businesses whether they should continue to incorporate social media into their marketing strategy.

This year, at O-Show, Vivienne Forbes from Social Ties will get back to basics to discuss the value of social media and provide optometrists with advice about how they can safely make the most of it, and the ramifications to business if they don’t.

“Part of the optometry business is visual, it’s fashion, and it’s trendsetting. With so many fantastic images available, optometrists have plenty of material to use in social media that will engage their customers,” said Ms Forbes.

Part of the optometry business is visual, it’s fashion, and it’s trendsetting

She said her presentation will “start from the ground up” and ultimately, help practice owners feel more comfortable and in control.

“Social media isn’t for everyone, but the key is knowing who your customers or potential customers are,” said Ms. Forbes. “Chances are, if they are active in social media, this is how they source information about businesses and products for their optometry practices.”

Ms. Forbes will also look at the keys to becoming social media active by knowing your clients and what social media platforms they use; replicating those platforms so they can “fish where the fish are”; and understanding the industry’s “movers and shakers” and the social media platforms they are using.

“With this knowledge, businesses will discover there’s no need to be on every platform – a targeted approach is more effective, which makes social media less daunting,” said Ms. Forbes.

Each social media platform has its benefits, and Ms. Forbes will look at Facebook, Instagram, the power of video and touch on how to best use Twitter and LinkedIn.

O-Show takes place at Peninsula, Central Pier Docklands, Melbourne from 14 – 15 July. Visit http://oshow.com.au/