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Friday / July 12.
HomeminewsGlaucoma in Perspective

Glaucoma in Perspective

Allergan has created a series of videos that aim to educate patients at risk or with glaucoma about the disease and in doing so, encourage appropriate testing for glaucoma and management compliance.

The videos demonstrate progressive vision loss due to glaucoma in different scenarios – navigating stairs, working with numbers, driving and standing in a kitchen – to capture the interest of different audiences. Importantly, the videos also demonstrate progressive changes in visual field and retinal nerve layer thickness due to glaucoma, making it clear that these structural changes commence before any symptoms; ie changes in vision, are noticed.

While there is no cure for glaucoma, early detection and adherence to treatment are vital to slow glaucoma progression. The video, Glaucoma in Action, along with information about glaucoma and treatment is available online, providing an excellent resource for optometrists to use when communicating with patients about this blinding disease.