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Monday / August 15.
HomeminewsACBO Webinars Now Available On Demand

ACBO Webinars Now Available On Demand

The Australasian College of Behavioural Optometrists (ACBO) is releasing a series of webinars on demand via the ACBO shop. The webinars are followed by assessments and offer 2 CPD points.

The first two webinars from the College’s neuro-developmental optometry series, presented by Steve Leslie, are available now.

  • Neuro-Rehab 101
  • Prescribing Vertical Prism

A third webinar, Sixth Nerve Palsy, will be available on 20 August, 2018.

This introduction to neuro-rehabilitative optometry presents principles of assessment and an approach to vision therapy

Neuro-Rehab 101

This introduction to neuro-rehabilitative optometry presents principles of assessment and an approach to vision therapy.

The webinar is suitable for optometrists interested in, but lacking experience of, the optometric approach to neuro-rehabilitation visual care; and for vision therapists who would like to develop an understanding of brain-related vision issues, which might benefit from vision therapy.

Prescribing Vertical Prism

This webinar explores the principles and practice of prescribing vertical prism for new and chronic visual vertical misalignments.

It is suitable for optometrists who would like to increase their knowledge and experience of prescribing vertical prism in cases of unstable binocular vision, or diplopia, due to new onset issues, such as a fourth nerve palsy; or decompensation of a long-standing vertical dysfunction.

Sixth Nerve Palsy

The need for optometric assessment and treatment of patients who have a recent or an older history of stroke, brain injury and neurological issues is a rapidly growing. However, to date there have been only episodic education initiatives.

Neurologically-related visual issues can include: traumatic brain injury, stroke, assault, brain tumour, concussion and whiplash, and neurological diseases including Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

For more information visit www.acbo.org.au/shop/webinars


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