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Thursday / June 13.
HomeminewsComplex Myopia Management Course

Complex Myopia Management Course

A new online myopia management course, Complex Cases, will be available to practitioners in Australia and New Zealand in November 2018. Developed by Brien Holden Vision Institute, the course is CPD accredited and a follow up to its Managing Myopia course, first launched in 2017, which is running again this month.

According to Judith Stern, Global Manager for Education for Brien Holden Vision Institute, the new course builds on the fundamentals of myopia presented in course one and aims to provide practitioners with the tools and strategies to feel confident in handling more complex myopia cases.

“Slowing the progression of myopia can be challenging in patients with other pre-existing vision problems,” she said. “Practitioners can also find it difficult when patients are not responding to management strategies.

the format is interactive and engaging

“The Complex Cases course will explore slowing progressive myopia across varying age groups, in children with binocular vision conditions, managing poor outcomes from different treatment strategies, and dealing with signs and symptoms of pathologies associated with high myopia.

“Over 500 Australian optometrists have completed the Managing Myopia course and around 85 per cent of those said they’d like this new course.”

Complex Cases includes four one-hour modules, featuring interactive case studies involving questions, videos and polls. Ms. Stern said the format is interactive and engaging and can be completed in bite-sized pieces – 10 minutes at a time – so that it can be done around the work day or at home. “The interactive case studies are rated very highly by participants who enjoy the opportunity to apply what they are learning to the practical cases,” she said. “It’s all online and self-paced, so you can complete the different modules when it suits within the three weeks that each course runs for. It doesn’t require travel or missing work to obtain your continuing education points.

“The program draws on expertise from across the globe, and presents all current myopia management strategies. This is a huge area and we’re currently developing the next course in this program, which will be released in 2019,” Ms. Stern added.

According to Brien Holden Vision Institute over 1,750 practitioners worldwide have completed the Managing Myopia course in the last year.

Managing Myopia will begin on 9 October 2018 and Complex Cases from 13 November. Enrolments are open and practitioners can enrol in both courses together or in each course individually. To find out more go to: www.brienholdenvision.org/academy