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Sunday / June 23.
HomeminewsTransitions Style Colour Targets Younger Demographic

Transitions Style Colour Targets Younger Demographic

Transitions is targeting a younger audience with the launch of photochromic Style Colour – a collection of fashion forward protective lenses that transition from colour to clear according to the light conditions. The collection will be added to in the new year with Transitions Xtractive Style Mirrors – coloured lenses with a mirror finish.

The new Style Colours collection was launched via a national roadshow that included a sparkling event at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Adding to Transition’s existing three iconic lens colours of grey, brown and graphite green, are sapphire, emerald, amber and amethyst lenses, providing options for customers to create their own signature style.

the new Style Colours collection is all about re-positioning Transitions to make the brand relevant and desirable to a younger audience

Speaking at the launch of Style Colours in Sydney, Stuart Cannon, Transitions Opticals’ General Manager said Transitions has always been committed to innovation with partnerships to develop projects that include Drivewear with Younger and ski goggles with Dragon. Transitions is currently working with J&J to bring the world’s first photochromic contact lens to market.

He said although Transitions enjoys a strong following from an older demographic, the new Style Colours collection is all about re-positioning Transitions to make the brand relevant and desirable to a younger audience.
“Transitions was first sold 27 years ago, it’s time to change ourselves, evolve, make ourselves relevant to all ages… and so we have introduced the notion of Style Colours.”

Fashion Focussed

While frames have been a fashion choice for many years, Mr. Cannon said now lenses can be a fashion choice too. “Transitions Style Colours enable us to reach out to single vision wearers – an audience we haven’t been able to reach out to before.”

As well as providing a fashion forward look, he said Style Colour lenses provide protection and comfort.
“Eyes are sensitive to light, vulnerable to strain and exposed to disease… Transitions research on the impact of light on daily lives found that 87 per cent of glasses wearers say their eyes are sensitive to light, and 81 per cent say they experience visual fatigue.

“It’s time to better master light, we need to change our focus – the solution is Transitions light intelligence technology,” said Mr. Cannon. He said the technology was unique because, “it can deal with light at any moment, in any time”.

Style Colour lenses incorporate light intelligence technology to automatically adapt to changing light conditions with a fast fade back speed to become completely clear indoors and at night; they block 100 per cent UVA and UVB rays, protect against harmful blue light and can be fitted to any prescription or frame.

Coming soon to Australia are Transitions Xtractive Style Mirrors – high fashion colour mirrored lenses that respond well to heat and darken behind the windshield to protect driver’s eyes from sunlight.

Mr. Cannon described these lenses as “a game changer” for the market. “We’ve got Style Colours to focus on… and we’re going to build on it with Mirrors.”

Rejuvenated Marketing

A rejuvenated logo, tagline and marketing campaign has been developed to communicate Transitions as a lifestyle brand.

“The communication is simple, modern and focused on user benefits. It also communicates desirability,” said Mr. Cannon. “The new logo and tagline was the start. The O in the logo, which is split into two parts – light and dark – references light waves.

“The tagline – light under control – is bold… to get people thinking about the value of light and the need to protect ourselves from it.”

The consumer campaign tells the story of living life with light under control, by showcasing its new generation lenses worn by a young and appealing professional target market. The main characters of the campaign are an architect/ motorcycle enthusiast from South Africa, a fashion designer from New York, and a pair of young sports enthusiasts.

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