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Tuesday / June 18.
HomemiequipmentEarly Adopters Embrace Varilux X Series

Early Adopters Embrace Varilux X Series

Essilor’s Varilux X series has been embraced by early adopter consumers with almost 95 per cent of respondents to a survey stating that they would recommend the lens to other people. Additionally, optometrists have expressed their satisfaction with the lens and how easy it is to prescribe.

Varilux X series and Crizal Sapphire UV were launched with a programme of roadshows across Australia and New Zealand in April.

According to Essilor, “the encouraging results, which emerged in the first months following the launch, highlighted that the new lens technologies are addressing the changing needs of modern consumers, who are frequent and passionate users of multiple digital devices and spend their time multi-tasking”.

We’ve found that the key driver behind customers choosing the Varilux X series is our staff having confidence in knowing that they have a quality product

Of those surveyed, 87 per cent agreed that their eyes focused immediately from distance vision to near vision (and vice versa) when wearing the new lenses. Furthermore, 89 per cent of respondents stated they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the product. Early adopters praised the product, stating that they were “really delighted with the new lenses” and that they “tick all of the boxes”, with one patient even saying they had “gone back for more”.

At the time of launch, Sebastien Fricker, Head of Lens Design at the Essilor Centre of Innovation and Technology Europe said the Varilux X series is “a big step to meet the needs of today’s consumers. This new range of progressive lenses offers excellent visual acuity regardless of activity or distance”.


In a post-launch interview, Eyecare Plus Optometrist Michael Hare said the Varilux X series had reignited the progressive lens category.

“We were involved in the initial pre-launch, and have now dispensed the Varilux X series to in excess of 50 patients over the past few months. From our perspective, it has repopulated the category so we see little purpose in prescribing the previous type, the Varilux S series, which was always our standard lens,” he said.

Eyecare Plus Optometrist Michael Hare

“We’re delighted that patients are reporting that their vision seems natural and realistic, which from my interpretation, indicates that people are no longer bothered by peripheral distortion, which they may have experienced before.”

Mr. Hare said several patients have reported improved vision in office environments and the ability to wear the lens for all their needs.

The Varilux X series lens is the latest generation of Essilor’s Varilux brand, which the company says provides patients with sharper vision with no or minimal head movement. The new product incorporates technology with the ability to re-shape a specific zone in the lens to overcome a common frustration experienced by many lens users – the need to frequently adjust their head to find the ‘perfect spot’ on the lens for the right focus.

A majority of people’s time in today’s technological world is spent multi-tasking within the area of arm’s reach, i.e. between 40cm and 70cm. Activities within this area include looking at computers, reading, using smartphones and talking to others. As a consequence, consumers have reported an increasing need for a lens product that enables their vision to adjust effortlessly between these tasks, without the need to adjust the head.

Varilux X series ‘Xtend technology’ maximises the level of acuity on the lens, allowing the wearer to focus sharply on a variety of objects in the same direction of gaze, with no or minimal need to adjust their head.


Mr. Hare said patients are unphased by the higher price of the Varilux X series.

“It is interesting to note patients’ improved acceptance of the higher quality X series lenses over admittedly lower priced, but budget entry level designs where a second pair of multifocal lenses are prescribed”.

“We’ve found that the key driver behind customers choosing the Varilux X series is our staff having confidence in knowing that they have a quality product on offer that provides both improved and more natural vision.

“The process which we’ve been using to dispense the product is really quite simple, but effective. Following the completion of the optometry exam and finalisation of the prescription, the dispenser will be called into the consulting room. In front of the patient, the dispenser will be advised that the patient has been prescribed X series lenses with whatever other features are appropriate. The dispenser will then escort the patient to the frame selection area and it is their responsibility to run the patient through the benefits of the lens, highlighting that it is a modern form of lens, offering high resolution and best all round vision, while ensuring that the product benefits link back to their individual circumstances.”

Mr. Hare said having received positive feedback from patients, his staff have become increasingly confident to recommend the new series. “Alongside the first hand feedback we have received, there have been successful clinical trials results,” he said. “It all adds up to a great story.”

Survey source 

Varilux X Patient Satisfaction Survey based on the Essilor International market survey which ran from March 2018 until August 2018. Number of respondents = 79