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Wednesday / February 21.
HomeminewsHoya Expands Options for Independents

Hoya Expands Options for Independents

Hoya has responded to retail trends and research having expanded its MyStyle and Sensity lens families, and launched mirror coatings. Ulli Hentschel, Hoya’s National Training and Development Manager, says there are now more than 5,140 lens combinations to choose from, in the mirror sun lens range alone.

“One of the biggest trends in recent years and one that continues to grow, is the idea of customisation or bespoke – having something specifically tailored just for you,” said Mr. Hentschel at the Sydney product launch. “Personalisation of products and services creates greater consumer engagement, makes consumers feel more connected with your brand, and recognised as a consumer. They’re inclined to pay more, they become more loyal and they advocate on your behalf.”

Hoya’s Sensity portfolio now comprises three ranges: the original Sensity, as well as the Sensity Dark and Sensity Shine. According to Hoya, these new lens categories offer constant UV protection and transform to a category three sun lens tint faster than ever before.

Mr. Hentschel said Sensity Dark is perfect for people who spend more time outdoors because it delivers greater darkness outdoors and behind car windows. Sensity Shine, with its changing mirror coating is a more fashion oriented sun lens. The original Sensity lens and Sensity Dark are available in three colours: grey, brown, and green. Sensity Shine is available in grey with a silver mirror; brown with a copper mirror, and green with a light blue mirror.

Hoya’s new Mirror collection comprises seven mirror coatings – three full mirror coatings in gold, silver, and blue which are available on all polarised lenses and full tints, as well as four light mirror coatings – blue, silver, copper, and violet. Light mirror coatings are available on polarised lenses and gradient tint colours. Back surface antireflective coating is standard.

Hoya’s Mystyle Profile family has been launced and now comprises five designs, ensuring there are progressive options to meet all needs – ranging from its Standard lens with large distortion zones, through to its Modern lens for heavy computer use, the Outdoor lens for outdoor workers and sports people, the Stable lens for good vision at all distances, a Detail lens which favours near and intermediate vision, and the Expert lens for experienced progressive wearers viewing objects up close or from a distance.

Speaking of the total collection, Hoya’s managing director Craig Chick said, “We have filled gaps in our portfolio by developing lens technologies to differentiate you from the corporates – we now have a wider range of products to help you maximise your business as we move into the busy summer period.”