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Saturday / March 2.
HomeminewsOptoms Invited to Observe Cataract Surgery for CPD

Optoms Invited to Observe Cataract Surgery for CPD

The Sydney Eye Clinics have invited optometrists to step inside a Sydney surgery to observe a ‘One Chop Nucleotomy’ cataract procedure in action. The CPD accredited initiative will provide optometrists with knowledge about the latest cataract surgery technique that they can draw on to address the needs of patients.

According to cataract and refractive surgeon Dr. Ilan Sebban, patients today have greater demands and expectations than ever before.

“Patients expect the highest level of eye care with exceptional service and optimum visual outcomes, all while wrapped in a package of maximum convenience and minimum cost,” he said.

Patients who undergo One Chop Nucleotomy experience significantly faster recovery times, and we can perform cataract surgery on two eyes over two consecutive days…

Speaking of the CPD initiative he said, “We have established a comprehensive surgical experience with the focus on imbuing optometrists with a deep understanding of the latest modern surgical techniques and hands on surgical experience, so they can easily share their knowledge with patients and staff.”


Dr. Sebban pioneered and published the cataract surgical procedure called ‘One Chop Nucleotomy’, which is also known as the Sebban Low Power Technique.

Compared to standard cataract surgery, One Chop Nucleotomy uses significantly lower phaco-ultrasound power, and reduces effective phaco time for moderate nuclear sclerotic cataracts to just 1.9 seconds, on average. Additionally, patients only require a topical anaesthetic, there are no peribulbar injections or subtenons injections required, and ‘in-eye’ surgery time is reduced to a few minutes.

“Patients who undergo One Chop Nucleotomy experience significantly faster recovery times, and we can perform cataract surgery on two eyes over two consecutive days, which eliminates the traditional waiting period of two to four weeks between surgeries,” said Dr. Sebban.

He said this surgical procedure reduces the risks associated with peribulbar injections such as optic nerve perforation, globe perforation, and diplopia. The lower power technique reduces the risks associated with corneal swelling, endothelial cell lost and assists with rapid visual rehabilitation.

Optometrists are able to attend The Sydney Eye Clinic’s centres in Darlinghurst and Brookvale, where they will be able to gown up in surgical scrubs and be present in theatre with Dr. Sebban, as he performs a One Chop Nucleotomy cataract procedure.

The initiative has been accredited for three CPD points.

Contact Sydney Eye Clinic on (AUS) 1300 128 114 or visit www.eye.net.au.