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Thursday / July 18.
HomeminewsOptos Monaco Launched In Australia

Optos Monaco Launched In Australia

Optos has launched its latest ultrawidefield device to the Australian ophthalmic market. According to Optos, part of the Nikon group. Monaco will “revolutionise the way eye care professionals examine the eye”.

According to Jason Martone, Managing Director, Australia, at Optos, the device is the only ultrawidefield retinal imaging system with integrated optical coherence tomography (OCT). It produces a 200° single-capture optomap image in less than half a second, and also provides cross-sectional OCT views of retinal structures.

Monaco enables rapid multimodality capture featuring colour, autofluorescence and OCT scans for both eyes in just 90 seconds. Both the optomap images and OCT scans are correlated to facilitate a more in-depth pathology exam. This means optometrists can perform a comprehensive examination on patients knowing ocular disease and potential issues are tested for.

The two in one compact desk top retinal imaging device also saves space in the practice compared to multi-devices and provides increased clinical information, improving overall practice efficiency. “Monaco is a unique imaging system that can capture ultra-widefield red/green and autofluorescence images, as well as having OCT capability, said Mr. Martone. “The compact device has the same footprint as our California models and can capture all three modalities in under two minutes.”

Mr. Martone said the Monaco would further enhance the detection of retinal issues. “Pathologies can be identified, even in the far periphery, and potentially sight-threatening conditions can be discovered and treated at an early stage, while being comfortable for both patient and eye care professionals,” he said.