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Tuesday / July 16.
HomemioptometryIt’s Time to Engage in Your Future

It’s Time to Engage in Your Future

Rapidly evolving technology is changing the direction of optometry and offering massive potential for practice success and professional fulfilment… to make the most of it, you’ll need to get involved.


Happy New Year!

Quite apart from the ubiquitous ‘resolutions’ that abound, ‘predictions’ are always high on the list for the start of a new year. So what do the experts think 2019 will offer up?

2019 will be a year to engage with your Association, your profession and the technology that will impact us all

Quantumrun,1 one of the bigger predictors, has some interesting views on 2019:

  • We’ll be using 5G compatible laptopsby the end of the year, thanks to acollaboration between the world’s biggest tech companies,
  • Phones will start to get smaller again thanksto the introduction of foldable screens,
  • The internet will surpass TV as the largestprovider of entertainment content,
  • Global reserves of manganese willbecome heavily depleted – importantbecause manganese is a critical element in lithium ion batteries that power much of the world’s tech, and
  • Self driving cars will become a reality inEurope and the United States.

Interesting, you say, but how will things like this affect the optometry world?

Looking at the very abbreviated list above, the continued acceleration of technology is again the over-arching theme.

Your Association, both nationally and state, continues to put a lot of time and energy into planning for the future and working out how to help the profession adopt and adapt to technological change.

One thing is certain – change will keep coming and those who embrace it and turn it to their advantage will prosper. Those who resist – well, remember King Canute.

So to all members (and those who haven’t made the step yet), 2019 will be a year to engage with your Association, your profession, and the technology that will impact us all. Don’t miss the boat – there are too many opportunities to miss out on!

Reference 1. www.quantumrun.com/future-timeline/2019


Western Australia is the only place to spend summer. OK, as a born and bred local ‘sandgroper’ I may be slightly biased, however unless you experience it how can you question my sentiment?

Optometry WA’s premier event, WAVE 2019, is scheduled for 30–31 March 2019. We have relocated to the iconic waterfront port and cafe strip community of Fremantle and will be holding all sessions at the heritage listed Esplanade Hotel.

The WAVE program is designed to ensure delegates achieve maximum CPD points while being challenged and educated in business improvement initiatives, hands on workshops and plenary sessions. Couple this with the Perth sea breeze, summer temperatures, catching up with colleagues, socialising at the well received Sundowner, and enjoying what our port city has to offer, and you can see why WAVE 2019 is the place to be in March.

While WAVE is an event that takes a great deal of time and effort to put together, it is not the only thing that has been keeping us busy at O WA. We have recently qualified the needs and wants of optometrists in the Visiting Optometrists Scheme sector and worked behind the scenes to lobby to create a far more equitable Spectacle Subsidy scheme in WA. There is still a great deal of work to be done.

The packed CPD calendar continues to be at the forefront of our thoughts, ensuring high quality speakers and content. WA is well respected among other states due to the incredible support we receive from local optometrists who attend our events. Our regionally based optometrists, who up until now have been somewhat disadvantaged by more challenging access to CPD, will now be catered for as we implement the recording and distribution of metro CPD evenings. Keep an eye out for updates on this initiative.

It may be February, however as this is our first column for 2019, welcome to the new and exciting year ahead. I look forward to catching up with as many of you as I can.