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Tuesday / June 25.
HomeminewsResearch Backs Varilux X Series Xclusive

Research Backs Varilux X Series Xclusive

An Essilor Research and Development blind cross over study, conducted with 136 wearers of Varilux X series Xclusive (a personalised lens design that uses both the Visioffice unique eye code measuring system and the Near Vision Behaviour app), has shown 100 per cent of the subjects preferred the product for multi-tasking versus what they wore previously.

Essilor’s R&D team conducted specific clinical wearer tests to determine if the theoretical concepts were really perceived by the wearer. According to Essilor, doubt about new products can be a common sentiment among optical practitioners, making it important to determine whether the experience of practitioners matches performance predicted by research.

A surprise outcome has been for patients who use dual or multiple screens. Varilux X series allows them to easily transition from one to the other…

Janine Hobson, owner and optometrist of Young Eyes Optometrists in Young, on the NSW South West Slopes, has prescribed the new Varilux X series to patients at her practice since February 2018. Speaking of their response she said, “it has been exceptional across the board, some are even comparing it to what their vision was like 30 years ago. As it is such a great product to use, we give our patients the choice of either the most basic or premium lenses in the range. Since the price difference is relatively small, many patients will opt for the premium lens, especially after speaking to our staff who wear the top of the range Varilux X series Xclusive.”

“A surprise outcome has been for patients who use dual or multiple screens. Varilux X series allows them to easily transition from one to the other, often replacing the need for an extra pair of occupational / extended focus glasses,” she added.

As part of the study, Essilor researchers asked participants, none of whom had been given background on the new lens, to describe the attributes of the product. Of those surveyed, 93 per cent matched their experience to the Varilux X series concept and 90 per cent gave great importance to the specific suite of measurements used for Varilux X series Xclusive.

David Vienet, senior optical technician at Strachan Eyecare Plus gave a personal account of wearing Varilux X series; “I’ve experience first-hand a huge improvement to my vision and noticed that various activities are now considerably easier to complete. For example, driving at night is much clearer with Crizal Sapphire compared to the Crizal Forte UV coating, the X Series has also given me better focus and sight while moving my eyes from the road to look at the dashboard and clock.”

“We no longer sell the Varilux S series as the advances provided by the Varilux X series have surpassed it,” he stated.

Ms Hobson added, “You’ll find from time to time a patient who can’t wear certain lenses but with Varilux X series we’ve experienced very few issues, which is amazing. These standout results have made the process of fitting and prescribing the lenses extremely relaxing, we’re not wasting unnecessary time in solving patient queries.”