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Sunday / May 29.
HomeminewsGet Ready for Macula Month: MDFA

Get Ready for Macula Month: MDFA

A toolkit of free digital resources will be made available to eye health care professionals across Australia, as part of Macula Disease Foundation Australia’s (MDFA’s) Macula Month campaign.

MDFA’s annual awareness campaign now runs from 1–31 May. The key theme this year focuses on the hereditary and familial nature of age related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of blindness and severe vision loss in Australia.

“The impact of AMD on quality of life is equivalent to cancer or coronary heart disease and it has a prevalence 50 times that of multiple sclerosis,” MDFA CEO Dee Hopkins said, “yet many people are unaware of the need to be proactive about eye health.

“MDFA is changing that. In 2007, one in three Australians in the ‘at risk’ 50+ age group were having a comprehensive eye examination every two years. That’s shifted to two in three. More than 70% of Australians are now aware of macular degeneration – but that means almost 30% still aren’t getting the message,” she said.

Ms Hopkins said Macula Month aimed to improve early detection rates by promoting the benefits of Australians taking action to have a macula check and using an Amsler grid regularly.

MDFA, with assistance from Optometry Australia, will send out a digital toolkit, which will have social media imagery and messaging that can be tailored by individual eye health practices. Posters and Amsler grids will also be available.

Ms Hopkins anticipates optometrists will again see a significant spike in the number of people coming in for eye examinations.

She urged optometrists and ophthalmologists to refer patients to MDFA for holistic patient support throughout their AMD journey.

MDFA provides a comprehensive range of information resources, self-management tools and educational forums to improve the health literacy of people living with or at risk of macular disease.

“We’d like more eye health professionals to work alongside MDFA as a collaborative partner to improve integrated care for the macular disease community and provide an extra dimension of patient care,” Ms Hopkins said.

To order Macula Month collateral, contact MDFA’s National Helpline number: (AUS) 1800 111 709.


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