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Saturday / April 13.
HomeminewsAlcon Launches New Daily CLs

Alcon Launches New Daily CLs

Alcon has launched its latest daily disposable contact lens to optometrists in Australia’s major capital cities, via a live web stream from the Contemporary Art Museum, Sydney. Designed specifically for new contact lens (CL) wearers, Precision1 uses innovative SmartSurface technology to tackle the main issues associated with CL drop out – vision, comfort, and handling. This drop out issue is the main factor in the low penetration of CL use facing Australian and New Zealand optometrists.

Marking its first launch of a completely new CL since Dailies Total1 in 2014, Alcon presented Precision1 as a breakthrough contact lens, created using new materials and manufacturing processes. With over 70% of the vision correction population between the ages of 18 and 24 interested in wearing CLs, Precision1 aims to provide new wearers with a lens to “start in and stay in”.

“Precision1 is there to address the needs of those patients who are hesitant to try CLs or that are having issues and may drop out after a period of time,” said Alcon Australian and New Zealand General Manager, Khalid El-Gendy.

“Patients are dropping out when wearing CLs due to a multitude of reasons but mainly because of issues with vision, comfort, and handling.”

Dwight Akerman, Alcon Global Head, Professional Affairs, acknowledged the severity of the drop-out rate as being a predominant factor in the development of Precision1. “Our research indicates that 22% of new wearers drop out within the first year. Worst yet, 70% of those drop out within the first six months.

“Unfortunately there is a leaky bucket. Many of these wearers begin with wearing CLs but then end up dissatisfied,” he said.


Alcon’s research team has differentiated Precision1 from its competitors by incorporating SmartSurface technology, a highly breathable, micro thin, “permanent layer of high performance moisture” that reaches >80% at the surface.

“In the last four years we have developed a new chemistry, a new manufacturing platform and a new patient support program that specifically addresses the needs of new wearers,” said Mr El-Gendy.


A support program to accompany Precision1 CLs aims to cater to the savvy younger demographic (specifically Millennials) who may feel hesitant about the idea of supplementing the spectacles they feel comfortable wearing with CLs, and who appreciate brands that offer their customers added value.

Christel Peleman, Brand Director at Alcon, introduced ‘The Great Big Precision1 Try On’, a 30-day free trial to motivate patients to try CLs coupled with a personal vision coach app for all those times patients wished they could ‘take their optometrist home’ with them.

“We believe at Alcon that we can make it easy to try contact lenses and we can offer wearers the support to establish a good CL routine so that they don’t drop out,” she said.

The events across Australia concluded with attendees participating in a range of Alcon’s interactive activities including optical illusion booths and a social media mosaic.

Ronak Patel, Alcon Australia and New Zealand Group Brand Manager, said, “Through this lens we want to give more patients the opportunity to experience what wearing CLs can do for them – the real sense of freedom they provide, and the opportunity for them to see what happens when they see the world in a very different way.”